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Evolving Cloud Technology Briefing

About CloudEvolution2020

What To Expect

CloudEvolution2020 is a multi-city Cloud Technology Conference for business leaders, government officials, IT leaders and other executives looking for new information, new solutions, and new cloud technology for their teams.

The CloudEvolution2020 seminar experience is designed to provide attendees with information on the evolving cloud technologies that are impacting businesses and government agencies. Our presenters will focus on new cloud technologies, platforms, and capabilities – giving you practical information for your 2020 IT strategic planning.

These presentations will focus on content, not sales pitches – you will hear real-world information and analysis from industry experts covering several topics:

Unified Communications – New Collaboration Tools for Teams

Cloud Cyber Security – Evolving Threats and New Solutions for Cloud Security

Cloud Infrastructure – Onramp Infrastructure and Cloud Management

Cloud Video Conferencing – New HD Cloud Video Solutions

Presenters will cover case studies, analyst reports, technical briefings and solution demonstrations.

High ROI

Cloud technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and new cloud solutions are released almost daily - the expert presenters at CloudEvolution2020 will focus on arming you with the information you need to evaluate a wide range of cloud solutions for your organization, in a low-pressure setting, surrounded by your peers. You will also have the opportunity to network with like-minded CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, Government Officials and other business leaders - helping you to build your peer network.

Free pass criteria

There is no charge to attend for business leaders, government officials or IT professionals. 

If you are a government employee and have limitations/restrictions on your ability to attend free events, then please contact us. For instance, some individuals simply reimburse us for the cost of the meals, to avoid any perception of conflict-of-interest.

All free attendees must be pre-approved in advance. CloudEvolution2020 does not offer free passes to individuals at companies that are looking to sell their products/services to the end user personnel described above. Full-time reporters from major websites, magazines, journals, newspapers, television and radio stations can attend as our guest, but again must be approved in advance.

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